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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to prepare for the call?

Make sure that you are in a distraction-free environment with a pen and paper to take notes. Our Enrollment Advisors have been instructed not to take on a call if you are distracted or on the go. Because of the popularity of our system, we truly have the pleasure of choosing who we do business with. Because of this, we expect the same amount of respect that we give to you! Our Enrollment Advisors are ALWAYS at their desk, on a computer, giving their full attention to you.

Is this just for people just starting out or will this help me build my growing business?

It's laid out in a fashion that even a beginner will understand but if you're doing less than 7 figures a year this will help you tremendously.

I've tried other programs and didn't get results, how do I know this will work for me?

Again I'm teaching you the same methods and strategies that we personally used to hit six-figure months. If I can make millions I'm sure doing a minimum 6 figures a year is doable yes? Also there's a conditional money back guarantee so if you come in and don't like what you see you can get your money back.

I'm scared to make this decision.

I’m not asking you to decide yes or no today, I’m asking you to make a fully informed decision. That is all. The only way you can make a fully informed decision is on the other side of this call and see everything is what we say. Joining or not joining, either of these options are zero risk to you, but only one option has the potential to get you the outcome you’re looking for. Fair enough?

Do I need to know how to run ads to make your system work?

No. Our system does not use ads to make sales. When you join, we'll walk you through step by step on how to everything with weekly action items. Better yet we give you templates and documents that are all ready to rock and roll AND have a team of coaches proactively reaching out to you to hold you accountable (you also get unlimited one on one access to them).

How long have you been in business?

Since 2013, we've help coaches, consultants, and online course creators grow their businesses by focusing on what they do best. Our mission is to help clients grow their revenue by $100 million per year.

Does Growth University work for businesses outside of the USA?

Yes. We work with lots of people from Australia, the U.K., New Zealand, Canada, and more. Please ask your Enrollment Advisor for details.

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